Violet was born near Vault 22. She spent her childhood exploring the wilderness around her home until one day she discovered the entrance to Vault 22. Upon going inside she felt ill immediately, but her curiosity won out so she continued exploring. Though before long she began hearing strange sounds coming from the vents causing her to turn tail and run back home where upon arriving she immediately collapsed.

Her parents took her to the Followers of the Apocalypse stationed in the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside not knowing where else to turn after every other remedy they knew provided no relief. There she was ill for several weeks before her fever suddenly broke. By the time she awoke all of her hair had fallen out and her skin had started to turn a sickly green. Fearing a severe and extended illness her parents surrendered her in to the care of The Followers. It was not before vines began to grow in to replace her hair and her skin tone evened out. She also came to realize that she felt much more hale and hearty if she was able to be out in the sun for extended time.

Upon her recovery she decided to remain with the Followers of the Apocalypse. There she studied science and wanted to pursue research into purifying water and her condition, when ever there was time. Though she did eventually discover that the spores in Vault 22 had turned her into some type of plant.

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