This setting uses a modified Dungeons & Dragons 5e system with a few personal changes.

Mainly being the removal of the Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma

for a something more Fallout friendly you will use the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat block. I have created custom character sheets for this setting.

File:Fallout thing.pdf

New Mechanics to be Aware of Edit

I have added new mechanics to system

Crippling Limbs Edit

Crippled Limbs when you get hit by an attack, I will roll a 1d6 to decide what part of your body the attack hit unless a called shot is made, You will lose your overall health but depending on where the attack hits that limb will take damage as well, (You will find the maximum health of your limbs depending on what race you chose), Once a limb reaches 0 Hp its cripples here is the effects that happen when they are crippled.

Limb Crippled Effect
Head Disadvantage on Skill checks and Perception rolls.
Torso Disadvantage on Strength, Endurance, and Agility rolls
Arm -2 to attack rolls
Both Arms Disadvantage on attack rolls
Leg Speed is reduced by 10ft
Both Legs Speed it reduced to 5ft

You can heal hurt and crippled limbs by various means such as Seeing a doctor to heal them to full for a price. Making a DC 16 Medicine check to heal to half (Rounded up), Sleeping also heals them to half (Rounded up), Using a stimpak also heals for an amount set by the stimpak, So you will heal you overall HP but also heal one of your limbs by the healing done by the stimpak. You can also use a doctors bag, to heal your limbs to full.


Radiation Edit

When your in radioactive environments you lose your max health by what stage of radiation poisoning you have

Radiation Stage Effect
Minor -5hp
Advanced -10hp
Critical -20hp
Deadly -30hp
Fatal Death

You can lower your Radiation levels by taking Radway, or visiting a doctor and paying a fee.

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